Vet Care for Hamsters

Hamsters are a popular pocket pet or first time pet among families in the United States. In fact, the hamster is on the top 10 pocket pet list in the U.S. The hamster is great for first time pet owners, but it recommended for children ages 6 and up. Small children can be in the home with a hamster, but they should not be the primary caregiver and they should always be supervised when with the hamster. Although hamsters do not need routine vaccinations from a vet, they should see a vet regularly. Hamsters often need vet care for conditions like skin disease or irritants, respiratory illnesses, and tumors. At home, hamsters need routine care such as a clean living environment or cage with a secure top. Hamsters are notorious for escaping. They need fresh bedding in their cage, food and water, treats, an exercise wheel and even tunnels to play in. Learn more here or call your veterinary clinic Santa Rosa, CA. 


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