Tips To Creating Peace In A Multi-Cat Household

Cats have different personalities and just like people, they can be suspicious or even hostile with other cats they are unfamiliar with. If you are thinking about getting another cat, you should first consider the personality of your resident cat/s. If you have a senior cat or one with a very laid-back attitude, you should avoid kittens, very playful, or unruly cats, and vice versa. If your resident cat is hyperactive, bringing home a very calm or quiet cat is certainly not a good idea. 

Experts often agree that in addition to the personality of cats, the other primary factors to be considered should include the age and sex of the cats. If you have an old cat, the ideal set-up would be choosing a younger and smaller cat (fixed and of the opposite sex) to bring home. There are minimal risks of conflicts brought about by competitive instincts. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and behavior should warrant an appointment with your best vet clinic Sarasota, FL.


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