Treatment of Epilepsy in Mastiffs

Epilepsy causes sporadic convulsions or fits in dogs like the English Mastiff. Most often the seizure activity is the result of another underlying illness. This means the seizure is usually a symptom and not the main illness. In order to treat the seizure activity, your vet will need to determine if the seizure is the main illness or just a symptom. He can do this through a series of physical and neurological test. If a cause is discovered for the seizure, then treatment will be prescribed to treat that cause with the hopes of ultimately treating the seizures. If there is no direct cause identified then treatment may include medications to lessen the severity of the seizures and the length of time the seizures last. Dogs that take seizure medications will need to be monitored routinely to ensure the dose is effective. Talk with pet clinic Oconomowoc, WI vet for more information.


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