Tips For Dealing With Shedding In Pets

Some pets shed heavily than others, and if you have a heavy shedder, you are surely acquainted with the challenge of having to deal with lots of hairs that they make throughout your home. For some dogs, heavy shedding might be caused by an underlying health issue. Here are some tips to tackle the mess in your home: 

  • Brush your pet’s hair coat regularly. Choose the right grooming tools based on your pet’s hair coat, and be sure you k now how to use these tools properly.
  • Some pets have special grooming needs that need regular visits to the groomers for professional attention. 
  • Regular sweeping or vacuuming of the floor and carpet can help prevent the buildup of hairs in your home. 
  • Keep your clothes free of pet hairs by using a lint roller. Keep one in your car, office, bag, etc. so you can use it anytime you need to. 

Since shedding can also be caused by an underlying health issue, it is important to set an appointment with your animal hospital Lewisville, TX so your pet can be given a thorough checkup. Visit their site for details.


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