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Treating FeLV in Korat Cats

Has your Korat cat or other breed of feline friend been diagnosed with FeLV? FeLV stands for Feline Leukemia Virus. This virus has no cure and is the leading cause of death in cats behind trauma. If you are a new cat owner, make sure you set your cat up with a first time visit to the vet. At the visit, your cat will be tested for FeLV and vaccinated if the test is negative. If the test is positive, your cat will need to start treatment in order to keep him comfortable. FeLV positive cats have compromised immune systems making them vulnerable to anything from a cold to another virus. Treatment for FeLV is usually related to secondary infections. Cats that develop lymphoma or other types of cancer often undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Your Tipp City, OH vet clinic can tell you that these treatments are meant to prolong your cat’s quality of life. 


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