Cushing's Disease in Horses

Have you noticed that your horse has a much more furry or fuller coat this winter? Does it not go away when the weather gets warmer? If your horse is also showing signs of extreme thirst then the full winter coat that is still out of control in the spring could be a sign of Cushing’s disease. What is this type of disease? It is a common disease in horses and other animals. It often occurs when a tumor develops in the pituitary gland and causes incorrect signals to be sent from the gland to the rest of your horse’s body. In some horses this can cause a secretion of excessive hormones including the hormone called cortiso. Other symptoms to look out for include laminitis or founder, weight loss, ulcers in the mouth, abnormal shedding, changes in body shape, etc. Consult with your vet clinic Wichita, KS to learn more. Or make an appointment at this website Rose Hill Veterinary Health Center.


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