Arthritis in Cats

Did you know that cats can develop arthritis? As animals, including cats, age they tend to develop joint stiffness and occasional swelling of the joints. These can all be symptoms of arthritis. Other signs of arthritis may include lethargy, decreased flexibility, discomfort when petting them, and decreased activity. If you’ve noticed your cat having trouble climbing things, getting in and out of her litter box, or even having accidents outside of the litter box due to immobility, please call your vet and schedule an exam. The problem could be arthritis or something else, which is why you need your vet to take a look. Treatment may include medication to help with pain or to reduce inflammation if present in the joints. You can also provide your cat with a softer bed and use a litter box that doesn’t require as much lifting to get in and out. Consult with your vet Wichita, KS for more tips.


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