How to Dry a Horse Blanket

Is your horse wearing a blanket out in the rain? If so, how does it dry when you have to bring him in out of the rain? There are a few options. You can remove the blanket and hang it to dry. However, this may take some time. The best way and the quickest way to dry a blanket is simply to leave it on the horse. Whether the horse is covered in rain or snow, if you leave the blanket on him then his natural body heat will dry the blanket super quick. If your horse is in for the night and he will be going back out the next day then leave the blanket on so he can dry. Just check under the blanket to make sure your horse is dry. If the blanket isn’t water proof and your horse is wet then you should remove it and dry your horse. Click here to learn more or call your vet clinic Butler County.


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