Walking Your Dog with a Slack Leash

Walking your dog can be great for both you and your dog but it isn’t fun at all if he drags you around the neighborhood by his leash. Thus you need to train your dog to walk with a slack leash. Train your dog when he is alert but not overly excited. Start walking him on your normal route and continue as long as the leash is slack. If the leash gets taut, turn around quickly and start heading in the opposite direction. Walk quickly and call your dog’s name so he’ll need to hustle to keep up with you. Repeat this maneuver as often as needed. If your dog gets too wild, insist that he sits by you for a minute before continuing. Praise your dog if he walks close to you with a slack leash. Soon he will learn that dragging you along is not appropriate. Learn more from your pet clinic North Dallas, TX. Make an appointment today!


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