How to Slow Your Dog Down When Eating

Does your dog tend to gulp down his food? Does he eat it in five seconds or less? Eating fast is not healthy for dogs. Eating too fast can cause your dog to choke. Eating to fast can also lead to bloat. Bloat is when food, gas or air is trapped in the stomach causing it to expand. Bloat can be caused by eating too fast or too much especially after playtime. So how do you slow your dog down when eating? You can give him portions at a time to help slow him down. You can also purchase a slow feeder. A simple one is a mat or bowl with maze like patterns in the bowl which traps food and encourages your dog to actually slow down and find his food. These are available as actual food dishes or rubber mats. The size of the bowl determines how much food will fit. Ask your veterinarians Ellicott City, MD about a slow feeder for your dog. Schedule an appointment today!


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