Walking With Your Dog - Why It's Important To Watch Your Step?

Whether it’s just a walk around the block, a walk through the woods, or a rigorous mountain trek, it’s important to be alert for any potential hazards.  Sharp objects such as thorns, glass, foxtails, etc. can cut or become embedded in your pet’s paws during outdoor excursions. You should keep an extra eye out for foxtails, those pointed-tip grasses that are commonly found in weedy areas as they can cause injuries to the dog’s paws that can easily become infected. Foxtail injury is painful and can cause the formation of localized abscesses. Foxtails can also penetrate the skin where it can migrate and get lodged in the lungs and other major internal organs; when this happens, major surgery is required. 

When you get home after spending time outdoors with your dog, be sure to examine your pet’s paws closely for any foreign object that may be embedded there or for any signs of ticks. If you spot anything, do call your vet clinic Lewisville, TX for assistance.


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