Can Your Cat Become a Vegetarian?

Cats in the wild are carnivores and domestic cats have evolved to eat meat too. Your cat has a strong hunting instinct and she has unique characteristics that will make her a successful hunter. There are no grinding surfaces on your cat’s teeth to break down vegetables or grains. Your cat will eat greens and grains to survive if there is no available meat. However, a strictly vegetarian diet does not include the nutrients to keep your cat healthy. There are commercially available vegetarian cat foods but these feeds generally provide synthetic amino acids. And these foods make it difficult to sustain good health. Your vegetarian catcan be prone to heart issues, and urinary and bowel difficulties. It’s not impossible to feed your cat a vegetarian diet but it is a lot of work with questionable results. If you are a vegetarian, consider choosing a meat-based diet for your cat to ensure continued good health. For more information, contact your Bolingbrook, IL veterinarians.


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