Is My Child Old Enough for a Pet?

That’s a tough question, but a very smart question to ask yourself before committing to bringing a pet into the home for your child. Here are some things to think of when deciding if your child is old enough or even responsible enough for a pet. First, have you talked to your child and the rest of the household? What are their opinions? Have you talked with your local vet? There’s a lot to consider when asking this question. For example, what type of pet are you looking for? Your 8 year old may not be old enough for a dog but he is old enough for a hamster. If you want to adopt a cat, will you expect your child to clean the litter box on his own? What happens if your child grows up and is no longer interested in the pet? Dogs and cats can live a long time. Your veterinarians Murrieta, CA may remind you to never buy or adopt on impulse. Schedule an appointment today!


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