Your Chinchilla's Diet

As tempting as it is to feed your chinchilla a variety of foods, he needs a simple diet. Start with a high-quality chinchilla pellet. Avoid fruits and vegetables since they will negatively affect your chinchilla’s health. The high amount of sugar in fruits and vegetables could lead to health issues such as diabetes or obesity. These foods are also high in fluid. Your chinchilla needs access to fresh, clean water but he is a desert dwelling creature. Thus if he ingests too much fluid he can suffer from bloating, which could kill him. Avoid nuts or seeds since they are high in fat. Your chinchilla can develop fatty liver if he eats too much fat. This condition is often hard to discover and often fatal. Your chinchilla needs to eat lots of timothy hay to keep his digestive tract working well. And nibbling on hay helps keep his teeth trim. Contact your veterinary clinic Pickerington, OH to learn more.

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