What is the ACFA and the CFA

If you own a cat then you may have come across the letters ACFA and CFA in your readings. If you haven’t come across these letters then please start reading more and get connected with fellow cat owners and cat breeders. Why? Because you should know about the ACFA which stands for the American Cat Fanciers Association and the CFA or Cat Fanciers’ Association. These are incredible organizations within the world of cats. Here’s their stories. The ACFA originated in 1955 with the purpose of promoting the “welfare, education, knowledge and interest” of domestic cats both purebred and non-purbred to the general public as well as breeders, owners, and exhibitors of cats. The CFA originated in 1906 after breaking from the American Cat Association (ACA). The CFA is known as the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats and is considered to be the “predominant” registry of pedigreed cats in North America. Call your vets Norfolk, VA to learn more. Visit this site for additional details.


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