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How to Diagnose Myelopathy Paresis and Paralysis in Cats Like the Siamese

If your Siamese cat or other breed of feline friend is having trouble moving about, contact your vet and schedule an exam. There are a number of reasons why cats may be having trouble walking normally. It’s better to have the vet examine your cat then to self diagnose and worry when it may be nothing at all. Immobility can caused by injury, trauma, genetics, and a variety of different illnesses. One illness is myelopathy paresis and paralysis. This illness affects the spinal cord and can cause muscle weakness or loss of feeling in all four legs, the hind area, one leg, etc. The areas affected depend on the part of the spinal cord that is affected. In order to diagnose this disease, your vet will need to examine your cat, run blood work, take x-rays, CT-scans and even MRIs. Cerebrospinal fluid may also be collected. Only Wake Forest NC veterinarians can make the diagnosis.


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