Dogs and Stenciling

Dogs stenciling isn’t referring to dogs participating in craft time together. Dog stenciling is actually when a professional dog groomer adds a new look to your dogs coat by stenciling in different patterns or pictures. If you’re familiar with chalking in dogs then stenciling should be pretty close to figure out. Chalking is applying chalk coloring to the fur to add color and shape. Stenciling is similar accept the designer is actually using words and letters to create even more of a design. When done correctly by a professional groomer, stenciling can be safe and non-toxic plus the colors used are non-toxic. Dogs with skin or coat conditions should not have stenciling done as it could irritation their condition. If you’re unsure, have your groomer apply a bit of the technique to s mall piece of fur. If there’s no reaction then it’s probably OK for your dog. Talk to your vets Norfolk, VA to learn more about stenciling in dogs. 


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