Pet Vaccination - What Is Titer Testing?

Titer tests measure an animal’s level of immunity against specific illnesses. If levels fall below the protective level threshold, vaccination is usually given. Many pet owners prefer to have their pets under titer testing before any vaccination is given to avoid ‘over-vaccination’. However, titer testing is not possible for leptospirosis thus your pet would still require an annual vaccination to boost immune protection. However, titer testing does have its drawbacks. It will cost more as it requires a blood test. Also the results of the test are not definitive because they only tell the status of the immune system at a specific moment in time. If the test results show an adequate level of protection, it is not a guarantee that the protection remains the same for the next 12 months. This is one important reason why there are kennels or catteries and pet insurance companies that don’t accept the result of a titer test in lieu of vaccination. 

If you have questions about pet vaccines and vaccination, visit this site, or talk to your veterinarian Coppell, TX.


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