How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated in the Winter

Did you know that your dog can get dehydrated in the winter? Oftentimes we associate dehydration with hot summer weather, but dry winter weather can create dehydration as well. In the winter time your dog needs to continually drink water to help stay hydrated. The cold air brings in dry weather and creates an often dry environment which can deplete your dog (and you) of water. Make sure you keep your dog’s water bowls filled with fresh water. Check the bowls often. If your dog is outside part of the day make sure there is water available. If it’s so cold that the water is staying frozen then you may want to bring your dog in for the day. Signs of dehydration can include sagging skin that doesn’t bounce back when pulled, excessive panting, lethargy, etc. Call your veterinary clinic Bend, OR if you think your dog is dehydrated. Or set an appointment at this website Westside Pet Hospital.


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