Complications with Diabetes in Cats

If your cat has diabetes, please talk with your vet in depth to learn more about the disease, the way it is affecting your cat, and how to treat your cat and keep the diabetes under control. Cats that don’t receive treatment for diabetes or cats that receive treatment later in the course of the illness can develop various illnesses and complications. These can also occur in cats that have been treated regularly. For instance, some complications can occur due to an overdose of insulin. If your cat has been given too much insulin then he could develop Hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. Signs of Hypoglycemia may include weakness, listlessness, lack of coordination, convulsions and even coma. Treatment is needed immediately or else it could be fatal. Some vets may advise to feed your cat right away and then bring her in for more treatment. Never self treat. Always follow your vet York, PA.


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