Keeping Dogs Outdoors

Some dogs are made for the outdoors while other dogs are meant to be inside pets. If you want a dog as a pet, but you don’t want him to live in the house then check up on outdoor breeds. For instance, larger and sturdier dogs are ideal for outdoor living. Breeds may include the Akita, Alaskan Malamute, American Eskimo, Bernese Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Keeshond, New Foundland, Saint Bernard, Samoyed, and Siberian Husky. Dogs that aren’t meant for the outdoors (even if they like to play outdoors a little at a time) include Golden Retrievers, Pomeranians, Poodles, Rottweilers, Boxers, etc. When you keep a dog outdoors you will need to provide adequate shelter from the summer sun and winter wind. Water and food must always be available. Bringing your dog indoors during extreme weather should be an option. For more tips, talk with your London, ON veterinary clinic.


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