What Causes Diabetes in Cats?

Did you know that cats can develop diabetes? It is found in all types of cats no matter their breed, age, or sex. It is often found in older cats, obese cats and even male cats more than other types of cats. So what causes diabetes? Well, diabetes typically develops when a cat’s body doesn’t produce insulin as it should. It could produce too much, too little, or just enough but that body isn’t using it properly. Whenever insulin isn’t functioning the cat’s body may tend to go into overdrive and start breaking down fat and protein reserves for energy since the sugar or glucose isn’t available as it should be. Insulin is the hormone that is produced in the pancreas and is in charge with regulating the flow of glucose in the bloodstream. Diabetes can be caused by hormonal diseases like obesity, chronic pancreatitis, hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s disease and acromegaly. For additional information, contact your veterinary clinic York County PA. Or visit this website Community Animal Hospital to know more.


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