Sneezing In Hamsters

Hamsters can develop upper respiratory tract infections (URI). Affected hamsters exhibit lethargy, runny eyes, nasal drainage, and sneezing. There may be a decrease in appetite and the mucus-like eye discharge can cause the eyes to seal shut. Without prompt veterinary attention, URI can develop into something more serious like pneumonia. Early treatment is necessary to ensure rapid recovery. Sneezing in hamsters can be triggered by various factors including bacteria from the environment, allergies, and respiratory irritants, among others. 


Sneezing can be an important symptom of allergies in hamsters. Common triggers include fabric softener that is used in washing fleece blankets that are used in hamsters. 

Respiratory irritants

Common respiratory irritants for hamsters include pine and cedar shavings that are used as litter, perfumes, scented candles, diffusers, etc. 

If your hamster is sneezing frequently, you should schedule an appointment with your vet clinic Tampa, FL sooner rather than later. 


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