Precautionary Measures To Minimize Your Pet’s Risk Of Vaccination Complications

While experts are continuously saying that vaccines are generally safe for pets, it is a fact that vaccines are not without their risks. The good news is, only a very small percentage of pets that received vaccination develop severe adverse reactions. Here are some tips to help minimize a pet’s risk to vaccination complications. 

  • Choose a veterinarian who is known to adhere to current guidelines in vaccination and choose only the safest, most effective vaccines that are available. 
  • Keep your dog under close observation for the first 12 hours after the animal has been vaccinated. If your dog has a history of reacting adversely to      vaccines, your vet may pre-treat with antihistamine and/or steroid to      reduce the potential reaction. 
  • Ask your  reputed veterinarian Pasadena, MD about vaccine titers before vaccination. The test measures a dog’s immunity or level of protection against a disease. 
  • Never buy vaccines to give to your pet at home. Your vet is most knowledgeable about      current vaccines, their potential side effects (if any), and will only use      the best possible vaccine for your dog.  


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