Spot-On Products Can Possibly Cause Contact Dermatitis In Sensitive Pets

One important significant reaction to spot-on products in pets is contact dermatitis. Cases are, however, rare. It involves the development of an inflammatory reaction in response to the ingredients of a spot-on product. Most of these hypersensitive reactions can take place upon the first use of spot-on products. Upon the product’s contact with the skin, it can trigger local inflammatory reaction causing the affected skin to appear red and irritated. Some pets exhibit a more severe reaction that involves the development of wheals or blisters, and even skin ulceration. Contact dermatitis reactions are usually evident within several hours after product application. The full extent of the reaction is usually manifested within 12-24 hours. The level of discomfort experienced by an affected cat or dog may depend on the degree of the inflammatory reaction ranging from simple mild redness at spot where the product was applied to symptoms that can be quite severe. First aid involves bathing off the product from your pet’s body. Any reaction to a spot-on product application should be seen by a veterinarian Anderson, IN. 


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