Can My Cat Play in the Snow?

Your cat can definitely play in the snow if she wants to. Unlike canines, however, the feline doesn’t typically play in the snow. Your cat may want to walk around outside and explore or even use the snow as her litter box, but rough housing and playing around like a pup most likely won’t happen. Be sure to bring your cat back indoors after about half an hour. You want to make sure your cat doesn’t get too cold and develop hypothermia. If your cat does like to play outside and frolic in the snow you may want to bring her in after about five or ten minutes and dry her off. If your cat is used to being outdoors all day, make sure she has access to a garage, porch, shed, etc. so she can get out of the cold, wet, snow. For more tips, call your vets Cherry Hill, NJ. Visit this website Collingswood Veterinary Hospital and set an appointment.


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