Treating Your Cat’s Paws after a Winter Walk

If your cat likes to be outside in the winter then you should make it a routine to check her paw pads. Chemicals from ice melts and de-icing materials can cause your cat’s paws to become chapped or burned. Rinsing the paws after a walk is critical. Another way to treat your cat’s feet is to apply petroleum jelly to the paws and massage it in to help the paws not become chapped. If your cat has a lot of snow balls building up on her feet you can massage petroleum jelly onto the paws before a walk. This will not only protect the feet from the outside chemicals used to de-ice walkways, but it can also help prevent the snow balls from forming. If these things don’t work then you may want to try snow shoes for your cat. Talk to your vets Newmarket, ON to learn more.


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