What Do You Feed a Pet Iguana?

So you’ve decided to bring a pet iguana into your home. That’s great as long as you know what to expect when it comes to caring for an iguana. You also need to know how to house the iguana and what to feed the iguana. In terms of food, you may be interested to learn the iguana is mostly an herbivore, which means the iguana likes to eat a lot of plant life as well as flowers and even fruits.  Iguanas enjoy munching on leaves and other plant life. They do not eat and should not be offered insects, cheese, dog food, people food, or commercial iguana food. Anything that is made with animal proteins should not be given to an iguana. Commercial pellet foods are not idea either as animal protein could be a hidden ingredient. In addition, make sure you pick moist foods since your iguana’s primary water source will be his food. Learn more from your animal hospital Las Vegas, NV. Click this link for additional information:


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