Can Guinea Pigs Gets Ticks?

Although it isn’t common for guinea pigs to get ticks it is possible. How? If you let your guinea pig roam in a contained area outdoors then he could easily pick up ticks or other insects such as fleas. If you have other pets in the home then those pets could bring in the ticks to your guinea pig. You can protect your guinea pig by making sure you are protecting your other pets. Cats, dogs, ferrets, and other animals that are able to go on a monthly tick prevention medication should. This will protect them and keep the ticks out of your home which can in turn help protect your guinea pig and keep the ticks off of him. If you find a tick on your guinea pig, contact your vet for advice on removing it. Make sure you don’t pinch or twist the tick as it could release toxins. For more tips, call your vet clinic Cy-Fair.


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