How to Treat a Dog with Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is another term for pink eye, which is a popular eye illness that affects people. Conjunctivitis also affects animals including dogs and cats. If your dog is scratching at his eye excessively or has a red, puffy eye that seems irritated then he could have conjunctivitis. Your vet will need to examine your dog to determine whether the illness is present in the eye or not. Oftentimes the environment can cause the pink eye to occur. For instance, allergens in the ear, dust, etc. can cause irritation in the eye which can lead to the development of the pink eye. Signs of conjunctivitis or pink eye often include scratching at eyes, squinting, and even the sticking together of the eyelids. Treatment often includes flushing of the eye, applying cold compress, using steroid drops or anti-steroids, antibiotics, ointments, and even artificial tears. For more information, give your vet clinic Downingtown, PA a call. Or visit this link:


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