What To Do If Your Dog Has Mild Diarrhea

If your dog has eaten something that does not agree with his system, he may develop a mild diarrhea. To prevent further upsets, place the dog on a rice water fast for 24 hours. Fasting gives time for your dog’s gastrointestinal tract (GIT) to rest and repair. During this time, the dog should be given plenty of rice water so he can drink anytime he wants. Use premium quality white rice for making the rice water. Don’t use brown rice because it has too much fiber which can speed up the passage of any waste material through the colon. 

You can also give white rice balls that have been added with active probiotic cultures to your dog. Oral preparation of kaolin clay and pectic (Kaopectate) can be given because of its protective properties to the intestine. For mild cases of diarrhea that don’t resolve easily, give loperamide. However, loperamide should be used with caution in collies. Also, giving loperamide should never be given to dogs for more than 5 days. 

Before giving any medication to your pet, do consult your veterinarian San Antonio, TX. More information here:


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