True or False? Cats can be Impregnated by Multiple Males

Surprisingly enough, this statement is true. That’s right, it is possible for a cat to be impregnated by several different cats. This is part of the reason some of the kittens in a litter can vary drastically in colors, color patterns, etc. So, how is it possible for cats to be impregnated by multiple cats? First, female cats will continue in their heat cycle even if they are pregnant. This means that multiple eggs can be released of the course of the cycle. The cycle can last from three days to twenty days. This gives plenty of time for multiple male cats to impregnate the cat. This occurrence is referred to as superfecundity. Some cats have been known to come into heat between their third and sixth week of pregnancy. In rare cases the fetuses can be different ages because of conception in different cycles. This is known as superfetation. Learn more by calling your veterinary clinic Rochester NY.


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