Indications of Bloat in Cats

Although commonly associated with canines, bloat can occasionally occur in felines as well. The illness generally develops as the result of air, fluid, food or gas builds up in the stomach suddenly. The buildup causes pressure and the stomach expands sometimes tearing the lining and placing pressure on surrounding organs. Blood flow to vital organs could be blocked as a result. Some of the main signs of bloat to look out for include unsuccessful attempts to vomit, abnormal behavior, anxiety, restlessness, hunched up appearance (as if in stomach pain), no normal digestive sounds in the stomach, bloated or tight abdomen, weakness and heavy breathing. If you see any of these signs in your cat please call your vet immediately or take your cat to the nearest emergency vet. Immediate treatment is needed to relieve the pressure. Your professional pet clinic Webster NY can give your more details on treatment.


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