Stud Tail And Chin Acne In Cats

Chin acne occurs when there is overactivity of the sebaceous glands located on the cat’s chin. The overlying fur and skin of affected cats appear excessively greasy. The condition is particularly noticeable on cats that are pale or white in color. Their chin appears to have a yellow, greasy color. Flecks of black, greasy material may also be noticeable on the cat’s chin and some pet owners may think its flea dirt. 

On the other hand, stud tail occurs when the sebaceous glands that are on the base of the tail goes into overdrive. Affected cats display the same appearance in the region surrounding the anal area. Stud tail is common in male cats that have not been neutered, it can sometime be seen among neutered males and in female cats. The sex hormone testosterone is presumed to influence the development of stud tail. 

If you notice your pet exhibiting the above symptoms, a visit to you veterinary clinic Lakeville, MN should be made. 


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