What Causes Seizures in Hamsters?

Hamsters have been known at times to have seizures. In fact, seizures are most common in dwarf breeds such as the Russian Dwarf hamster and the Campbell’s Dwarf hamster. Unlike other animals or people that have seizures consisting of convulsions and violent tremors, a hamster may simply walk around with his head tilted, walk in circles, and even have trouble standing. He may fall o his back several times. All of this are abnormal behaviors and should be reported to a veterinarian right away. Causes of seizures in hamsters often include diabetes, brain injury, brain defects, poisoning, stroke, or even an inner ear infection. The inner ear especially can cause the hamster to lose balance and walk with a head tilt. Your veterinary clinic East Valley, AZ will be able to examine your hamster and find out if a seizure occurred. He will need to run tests to determine causes and treatments. Click this link for additional details:


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