Cats and Dry Eyes

Did you know that cats can develop dry eyes just like people do? Dry eyes in cats can be caused by allergies, weather, or the environment in general. A sign of possible dry eyes in cats could include an irritated eye, red eyes, and even eyes that actually appear to be dry. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS is the medical term for dry eyes. In addition to allergies or environment, dry eyes can also be caused by an immune-mediated disease, systemic disease like feline herpes virus, medications, or even hypothyroidism. Dry eye happens in all breeds of cats no matter their age or sex. You can help prevent dry eye by keeping your cat indoors during allergy seasons and even making sure your cat is not around a lawn mower or vacuum in action as it creates dust. Talk to your pet clinic Mesa, AZ to learn more.


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