Signs Your Cat May Have Fatty Liver Disease

Are you familiar with fatty liver disease? It common in cats and must be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian in order for your cat to recover. The cat’s liver is responsible for producing chemicals that are required for digesting food and detoxifying the body. Cats that have fatty liver disease have a compromised liver meaning the liver has stopped working. The cat may take on the look of a malnourished cat do to not eating or the inability to digest foods properly. This make the situation worse because the cat’s body is sending fat to the liver to try and heal the body of malnourishment. The liver can’t handle the fat and shuts down completely. Signs of the disease include anorexia, rapid weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, muscle wasting, depression, downward flexion of the head and neck, yellowing of the eyes, drooling, and possible collapse in later stages. Learn more here or call your veterinarian Marion, IA. 


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