ID for Your Dog

It’s very important to make sure your dog has some form of ID on him at all times. The best and most common form of ID is an ID tag on a collar. The ID tag can be purchased at a pet store or other stores that carry pet supplies. Those same stores often have a kiosk where you can personally engrave the tag. You should include your last name and phone number on the tag. You may also want to include your dog’s name and other information. Collars can also be printed or embroidered with your last name and phone number. These are very helpful should your dog get lost. A backup is to have your dog microchipped. The microchipped is inserted just under the skin between the dog’s shoulder blades. The microchip can be scanned for ID should your dog not have a collar or ID tag. For more information, give your veterinarians Southern Utah a call. Or make an appointment at this website Cedar Veterinary Clinic.


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