Why your cat kneads

Your cat spends a lot of time around you, so you have had ample opportunities to take note of her habits, like kneading. Why does she do this?

Kneading was something your cat used to do as a young kitten. Kneading against her mother helped stimulate milk production so she would get a better meal. This helped her feel full and content while she napped safely at her mother’s side after dinner. Your pet is likely kneading out of habit before settling in for some rest in an effort to mimic the soothing feeling it helped her reach as a youngster. There is also a chance your pet is trying to prepare the surface she will be relaxing on to get it just to her liking, which makes this behavior like the feline equivalent of fluffing a pillow. For more information, please contact your local Fox Chapel, PA veterinarian.


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