Why do Parrots Have Curved Bills?

Most parrots actually have a curved bill or beak, which is actually different than other species of birds. The curved bill gives parrots extra support when climbing trees or large shrubs. How? They can hook into the tree or shrub with their bill and pull themselves along. In the wild, this is what parrots are accustomed to. They need to climb trees and shrubs to escape predators and/or find food. Don’t forget the bill is curved when holding your parrot as he may accidentally hook your finger or your harm with his bill. The curved bill also helps parrots find food. They are able to scrounge around for seed and nuts and use the curve in their beak or bill to pry open the nut or break it into smaller pieces that are easier to eat. If you want to learn more, click here or call your veterinary clinic Dahlonega, GA.


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