Time to Bring Your Pet Turtle Home

Before you bring a pet turtle home, make sure you have a habitat ready for him. You will need a 40-gallon tank that will have enough room for a land area and a water area. Your turtle will need room to roam, burrow, swim, dry in the sun, and play. You will also need some small, tight spaces between décor (i.e. between fake rocks and under fake greenery) where your turtle can go to hide. Shrubs, rocks, greenery, sticks, and basking or sunbathing rocks are a must. Providing your turtle with a few floating options for the water area works nice well. Once you’re set with the tank, talk to your pet store associate and vet about appropriate food, treats or snacks, etc. Also, ask about water temperature in the tank as you may need a heating lamp. More tips can be found here or with your vets Oshawa, ON.


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