How often should you bathe your dog?

Your dog needs your help to stay clean and healthy and this will likely involve bathing her on a regular basis. How often should this happen?

Your pet needs you to be aware of all the different ways she tends to get dirty, and to keep a close eye on how she is doing. This means that you will be taking the time to determine what you can do to keep her clean in between baths, like brushing her fur and wiping off her paws. Generally, she will need you to bathe her when these are insufficient, as dirt and oils will build up on her skin and coat or she may have an afternoon where she simply gets into something messy that needs to be washed off. Bathe her as often as necessary while keeping in mind that dry skin can be a sign that she needs you to back off a bit. Your veterinarian London, ON can offer additional guidance. Set an appointment here:


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