Cats with Bad Breath

If your cat has extremely bad breath he could actually have an illness. That’s right, extreme bad breath is referred to as halitosis and it’s a common condition in cats. While halitosis can be simply reoccurring bad breath, it can also be more than that. Halitosis can be the beginning of gum disease in cats. For instance, one of the first signs of gingivitis is extremely bad breath that is persistent. Call your vet and schedule a routine dental check up for your cat. The bad breath can also come from infected teeth, rotting teeth, or even dead teeth. Your vet can take a look at your cat’s teeth and gums and recommend further treatment. For instance, some cats will need to be sedated for a complete cleaning and removal of decaying teeth. Your cat may need annual teeth cleanings to maintain healthy breath, teeth and gums. Contact your vet clinic Aurora, CO to learn more. Click this link and make an appointment:


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