The Loud Canine Breed - Beagles

Did you know that Beagles are not only playful, full of energy, affectionate and loyal but they are also extremely loud? That’s right, the Beagle is known for its ability to hunt and its loud and distinctive bark. This breed originated back in the middle ages and was used to hunt small game such as rabbits and fox. The Beagle is excellent in hunting due to his unique scent ability and his incredibly loud bark that actually comes in three distinctive different types of bark. The bark is what gave the breed its name. The term ‘beagle’ comes from the French word “begueule” which means “open throat.” This describes the Beagle’s vocal chords, which vibrate when air passes over. The Beagle can bark in different ways and can bark extremely loud. You can read more here or contact your vet clinic Aurora, CO.


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