Puppy Training

You are responsible for meeting all your puppy’s physical and emotional needs. Use obedience training to teach your puppy what to do.And use behavioral training to show him what you don’t want him to do. Start training by teaching your puppy learning his name.Reward him with treats and praise whenever your puppy looks at you when you say his name. Consider signing up for a puppy obedience class to work on basic commands such as sit, stay, come, lay down,among others. Or you can train him yourself by using food treats to lure him into obeying your command. As you practice, delay the reward and eventually reward your puppy with praise alone. In behavioral training, you will need to prevent, deter and redirect your dog to keep him from doing things you don’t want him to do. Be patient and consistent with training. Contact your experienced pet clinic Fonthill ON to learn more.


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