Spider Bites in Cats

Do you live in area that has a lot of spiders? If so, it may be of benefit for you to learn the types of spiders in your area and learn to identify them on sight. Cats like to play in small, close, dark spaces and they could easily come into contact with a spider. A regular spider bite in cats should be checked out by a vet but will most likely be harmless. But knowing whether a bite on your cat is from a harmless spider or a dangerous spider can make the difference. A general rule of thumb is to always call your vet especially if you see a swollen bite that looks irritated or infected. You can also watch for signs of a poisonous spider bite. Those may include muscle tremors, cramping, abdominal rigidity, severe back pain, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Always notify your animal hospital Pickerington, OH if your cat has any of these symptoms. Or make an appointment at this link:


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