Why It's Important To Keep The Litter Box Spic-And-Span

Cats like doing their business in a clean and odor-free litter box. They are fussy that way. If they find the litter box dirty or smelly, they won’t hesitate to eliminate somewhere else, such as in your laundry basket or in the clothes drawer. The task of maintaining your cat’s litter box is not really difficult if you make a daily habit of it. It’s actually a straightforward task. Once a day, scoop all clumps form the box and top it off with a layer of fresh litter. Depending on your pet’s potty habits, a thorough cleaning of the litter box may be needed weekly or monthly. When washing the litter box, use warm water and avoid using strong-smelling detergents because residual smells may cause your cat to avoid the litter box. The litter box must be allowed to dry thoroughly before putting in a layer of fresh litter. 

Litter box issues may be caused by an underlying health issue that should be brought to the attention of your vet Holly Springs, MS. Click this link for more information:


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