Hedgehogs and Vaccinations

Do you own a hedgehog or are you thinking of purchasing or adopting a hedgehog? If so, make sure you talk to your pet store associate and local veterinarian to find out what kind of care your hedgehog needs once he becomes your new pet. For instance, your hedgehog needs to have a first time vet visit to help establish a medical history with your vet. Your vet can examine your hedgehog to ensure the hedgehog is healthy. Your vet can also tell you if your hedgehog needs any type of vaccinations of your town or city requires any type of registration for a pet hedgehog. Generally, hedgehogs do not need vaccines. However, a vet visit won’t hurt. Your vet can examine your hedgehog and make sure it’s healthy. Your pet clinic Mattoon, IL can also help you learn to care your hedgehog and give advice on what to feed it, etc. To learn more, set an appointment at this website Clyde's Animal Clinic Mattoon.


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