Can Wood Be Used As Litter Material For Cats?

Aside from the more popular clay litter, there are other materials cat litter is made of such as corn, coconut husks, wheat, walnut shells, recycled newspaper, crystals, and wood. 

Wood litter comes in different forms. The early types of wood litter was produced in pellets that disintegrate when liquid penetrates them. Wood litter are also manufactured as granules --finely ground or roughly-crushed with varying degrees of clumping properties. Since there are certain types of wood that contains oils, toxins, and/or allergens, commercial wood litter products are generally subjected to heat treatment. 

Wood litter gives off a fresh scent that can help combat undesirable odor. It’s also absorbent and tend to weigh less than clay litters, especially wood litter made from pine and cedar. However, some people don’t like the smell of pine litter. Also, cats hate the feel of pellets on their paws. 

If you have concerns with your cat’s toilet habits, do talk with your vet Carolina Forest, SC


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