Playing Chase is a Great Way to Exercise Your Amazon Parrot

Exercise is so important to animals. Exercise stimulates the brain and the body. Exercise can help your Amazon parrot maintain his overall health and wellness. So what are some ways your parrot can exercise? Well, he can flap his wings, hop around outside of the cage, dance, or play games with you. In fact, playing a game of chase can be fun for you and your parrot. It’s also a nice way to bond. If you want to encourage your bird to play chase, simply let him out of the cage and into a safe, contained and supervised area. Slowly and carefully “chase” or follow your bird. Your parrot will most likely respond by walking and moving around with you or after you. You can repeat this and encourage your Amazon parrot to chase for a few minutes at a time. You can learn more tips by calling your pet clinic Tipp City, OH.


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